Adventures on Green Turtle Cay Ep. 78

Published on June 28, 2022

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We spent the night anchored at Green Turtle Cay in the protected waters of White Sound. We have been carefully keeping an eye on our anchor due to the pudding like bottom and the anticipation of high winds throughout the next couple of days.

The wind continued to build throughout the morning as forecasted and a nearby boat belonging our friends, started dragging swiftly across the anchorage. Their Rockna anchor had become completely fauled with grass in the soft mud and refused to bite causing them to drift across the anchorage at nearly 2 knots. After helping them attempt to reset the anchor several times with little success, they decided to take a slip at the dock where they knew they’d get a better nights sleep with no more worries about their anchor.

To thank everyone for helping get things back under control, they invited us all to lunch at what turned out to be a fantastic little restaurant on the far side of Bluff Cay. We had a delicous lunch at the Bluff House Tranquil Turtle, which we can highly recommend. While we ate our lunch the weather continued to build slowly and then suddenly exploded into gale force winds and pounding rain. Worried about our boat we ran across the Island in the pouring rain to check on our boat. Thankfully Turtle was sitting nicely along with our other friends boat.

The following day brought calmer weather perfect for exploring the Island. We found some pretty interesting things here on Green Turtle Cay and had a blast being together in such a beautiful place.
“Sunrise” by: Nicolai Heidlas
“Wonderful Day” by: Tortex
“Happy Acoustic” by: Lux-Inspira
“Tutorial Background” by: Audioinfinity
“Future Around Us” by: Dreamwave


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Weather In Green Turtle Cay Bahamas

Weather In Green Turtle Cay Bahamas, Adventures on Green Turtle Cay Ep. 78.

Taking A Caribbean Cruise Whenever Of The Year

Peak season is December to April, and costs drop accordingly throughout other times. A tropical setting all for your enjoyment with no alarms, schedules or meetings. Life appears to be the exact same monotonous thing.

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In others it can be dynamic and spectacular particularly in Freeport and Nassau cities. Here you will discover some of the largest gambling establishments such as the Royal Sanctuary. Does a getaway to the Bahamas sound excellent to you now?

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I also hear a lot about ‘growth capacity’ in these sales and discussions negotiations. This has its pros, however likewise some major cons. To re-iterate why all of us come to reside in Paradise, we did not come hear to work like a work-mad business owner, 7 days for years. We pertain to live “the life”. bahamas Island Therefore broadening the business to have 5 dive centres, might certainly not be a beneficial objective, specifically if needs more work from you (and lets admit it, it WILL!).

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Visit the Lucayan National Park– Home to one of the world’s longest undersea cavern systems. This natural and stunning park is terrific for picnics, walking down a trail of mangrove lined streams and rare orchids, swimming, kayaking, caving, and relaxation. It is the location to capture a glance at the wondrous eco-systems of the island.

Actually the only way to get to the best snorkel spots in the BVI is by boat charter. There are 2 different kinds of boat charters. There are the huge boats that transport a great deal of people, who price their trips “per person,” and there is the personal charter boats that will take simply a small group like you, your good friends or family, who charge by “the boat”. Certainly, the big boats can be cheaper if there are just 1 or 2 of you, however a household or group of 6 approximately good friends will discover they can get a private charter for about the very same price. The benefit to the personal charter is that you pick where you wish to go and for how long you remain at each place. The bigger boats tend to have a set schedule, plus they can be a little like traveling in a school bus with all the other individuals.

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