Kawaii Sea Turtle│Polymer Clay Tutorial

Published on August 22, 2023

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Hi everyone! Watch in HD 🙂

In this video I show you how to make a kawaii sea turtle charm using polymer clay. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What camera do you use to film?
I use a Canon 70D with and 18-135mm lens.

What program do you edit your videos with?
2012-2017: Windows Movie Maker
2017-current: iMovie

What brand of polymer clay do you use/what is your favourite?
I mainly use Sculpey, Fimo and Premo, just because that is what is available to me. I don’t really have a particular favourite; they all have different things I like about each one.

What do you use to glaze your charms?
I currently use UV resin. You can check out my video on how I glaze my charms here- https://youtu.be/xgCEU_qo4XA
I’ve also used Sculpey Gloss Glaze, Triple Thick, and polyurethane in the past, but UV resin Is definitely my favourite.

How long have you been doing clay?
I started polymer clay in 2012. It is just my hobby that I do in my spare time as I also have a full-time job 🙂

Do you sell your charms?
Yes, the link to my shop is in every video description. I usually post a shop update video to announce when I am having a large restock and charms will be available. Otherwise, I recommend following me on Instagram (@rachyh96) to keep up with any other news!

What cupcake base mold do you use?
I use the 14mm mold from MiniatureSweet which you can find here: https://goo.gl/fcNWjW
I also have a no mold cupcake base tutorial which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/JBygrFuQXyY

I just started polymer clay; do you have any tips or advice?
Don’t compare yourself to others, practise and always experiment with methods and techniques yourself to learn! You can also watch my tips and tricks video for beginners here: https://youtu.be/wZStexRD7HI
And my second edition here: https://youtu.be/r9Ybfa-AguI

Things To Do Green Turtle Cay

Things To Do Green Turtle Cay, Kawaii Sea Turtle│Polymer Clay Tutorial.

Pointers And Concepts On Finding The Very Best Family Getaway Deals

Go on; go out there and start preparing your next family trip. It is the 3rd biggest barrier reef worldwide. Reno has lots of video games and fun and is among the gambler’s popular paradises to go to.

Kawaii Sea Turtle│Polymer Clay Tutorial, Find popular complete videos about Things To Do Green Turtle Cay.

Bahamas Honeymoon – Tips To Conserve You Money

Each of these hotels is 5 star luxury with many heated swimming pools and health spa facilities. Para sliding and jet snowboarding are typical location around the islands beaches and mariner. Remarkably, a few of the bundles begin at $65.

The Bahamas got full independence from the United Kingdom July 10, 1973. Nassau in a day integrates activities from yesteryear under British colonial guideline to current Bahamian cultural additions. When in the Bahamas, you need to unwind. Now, let’s begin with Nassau, Bahamas in a day.

For example, many hotels in bahamas Island charge in between 20$ and 30$ for a supper and you may not have anywhere else to dine. If you do the math, a week with these costs for two, could be, if not anticipated, a financial nightmare.

Practically all Home boats include televisions and music systems and other such basic entertainment devices. For a little extra they can even come equipped with DVD gamers and fridges and clean machines and other truly bahamas travel glamorous gizmos.

The official language on Grand Bahama island is English.United Kingdom English, which will sound a little strange if you are utilized to American English.

Preferably, you’ll find a terrific beach resort that caters to kids and might even use organized Island boats rental activities and programs. If you’re going someplace a little more exotic such as Bahamas or the Caribbean, you’ll discover numerous extensive resorts that are fantastic for kids, such as the Beaches resort household.

You don’t require to do that though to find timeshare travel discount rates. You might discover other interesting results related to timeshare discounts. Simply type in Cancun timeshares or discount rate Cancun travel if you understand that you want to take a trip to Cancun for example. That narrows your search even more. If you have any other country in mind, just replace the word Cancun for whatever area of the world you have an interest in, ie. Cabo San Lucas, Bahamas, etc.

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Does a holiday to the Bahamas sound good to you now? Pack your bags and get a flight to Miami where flights to this paradise destination are non-stop. Considering that it is almost a U.S. next-door neighbor, open your eyes after a one hour shuteye and you’re there.

This lovely island, with its sun kissed, beautiful beaches is certainly a sight to see from the water. From Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB) to the settlement of Governor’s Harbour disappears than ten miles.

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