TAHITI THE SONG ft. Dutch plan der Linde | Red Dead Redemption 2

Published on March 22, 2021

Top updated videos about Discount Travel, Paradise Island Resort, and Was Tahiti Always Called Tahiti, TAHITI THE SONG ft. Dutch plan der Linde | Red Dead Redemption 2.

One of the saddest Red Dead Redemption 2 memes is about a paradise far away called Tahiti. Dutch van der Linde always has a plan, and Tahiti is always a plan away. In this parody song we will explore the dreams and ambitions of Arthur Morgan, Uncle Lumbago and the rest of the crew.


When your days been long and your eyes are so worn
Remember theres a man out there a man with a plan
All you need is a little money, a little faith all you need is a dream
And soon you’ll be sailing, to paradise far away.

Australia doesn’t cut it.. Fiji is too far
You can’t grow no mango’s in eastern part of town
Some of us.. Have lumbago.. And others are not well
But it doesn’t mean, we don’t dream.. of paradise far away

Tahiti, oh tahiti, you’re always a plan away
Tahiti, oh tahiti.. All I need is a little faith
Tahiti, oh tahaiti.. If only I had the moneh
I’d be a good boah.. I promise.. In paradise far away

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THE TAHITI SONG | Dutch van der Plan strikes again | Red Dead Redemption 2

Sonny Evans


Was Tahiti Always Called Tahiti

Was Tahiti Always Called Tahiti, TAHITI THE SONG ft. Dutch plan der Linde | Red Dead Redemption 2.

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TAHITI THE SONG ft. Dutch plan der Linde | Red Dead Redemption 2, Find new replays relevant with Was Tahiti Always Called Tahiti.

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