This Was a BAD IDEA – Sailing With My Brother || Boat Life Q&A in Tahiti

Published on October 21, 2022

Interesting reviews relevant with Organized Beach, Travel Organizers, Bahamas Nightlife, Discount Travel, and Is It Safe To Swim In Tahiti, This Was a BAD IDEA – Sailing With My Brother || Boat Life Q&A in Tahiti.

My brother joins us to sail around Tahiti and Moorea. But we wanna know what he really thinks about boat life and sailing.
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00:01 Family Adventures Around Tahiti & Moorea
01:39 Mixin business and pleasure – Q&A FAIL
03:58 What do you find to be the biggest adjustment to Boat Life?
04:27 What fun behind the scenes things don’t we get to see on Gone With The Wynns?
05:50 Seeing how much fun your brother is having does it make you want to do similar things?
08:28 Do you watch all Gone With The Wynns videos?
09:13 Name one thing you’re envious Nikki and Jason get to do.
10:35 Do you feel stir crazy on the sailboat? Is there enough to keep you busy?
11:55 What was the biggest change going from land to sailboat that surprised you?
15:45 What have you noticed Nikki and Jason doing differently this trip vs. your first times on the catamaran?
17:22 Which cat likes you better?
18:19 When will we see full time family crew aboard s/y CURIOSITY?
19:24 If you could instantly relocate your sailboat anywhere in the world, where would it be?
20:16 How much filming goes into a Gone With The Wynns episode? Have you thought about a Bloopers episode? What is Nikki and Jason’s work to play ratio, and how much sleep do they get each day?
23:22 Get that fly! Singa goes a little crazy.
23:51 Now that you’re several years into full time sailing can you see yourselves doing it for the rest of your lives, or will you come back to land and settle down in a few years?
25:02 Do Nikki and Jason’s Adventures make you long for your own? Would you start with an RV or Boat Life?
25:51 If someone told you 15 years ago that Jason would become an explorer traveling the world, what would have been your response?
28:54 Would Jason be skinny or heavier without Nikki’s cooking?
29:38 Does the filming schedule get in the way of your vacation fun?
30:20 Oh man…bring on the tears!
32:58 Damn Cat!!!
34:41 I would like to see a video about the composting toilet on a sailboat. Jacob, what are your thoughts about peeing and pooping in the composting toilet?
37:16 Jacob, any thing you want to share about Jason and Nikki?



My (Jason) brother joins us aboard CURIOSITY in Tahiti for one last hurrah! From swimming with sharks to hiking to the top of volcanoes, we made sure to give him the full Polynesian boat life experience. Complete with local concoctions and Tahitian fire-dancing. At the end of his last night on board, we sit down for a conversation and he shares what he really thinks about our alternative lifestyle on the sea…and a few insights on our lives as creators and sailors.

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Shared with LOVE 💕 from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa 😻 (and Jacob too!)

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Is It Safe To Swim In Tahiti

Is It Safe To Swim In Tahiti, This Was a BAD IDEA – Sailing With My Brother || Boat Life Q&A in Tahiti.

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