The Inside Story on Hope Town

Published on August 9, 2023

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“Let’s Go to ABACO” In this series of HGCTV’s Bahamas Real Estate video our crew, and Host Sandra Kemp, visit various stops in the charming and idyllic Abaco Cays.

In this segment, Sandra is joined by HG Christie’s Bahamas Real Estate Agents’, Patti Love Frank Knowles, and Robbie Bethel in the charming settlement of Hope Town on the island of Elbow Cay in the Abaco chain of The Bahamas.

One of the many unique and endearing features of Hope Town is the restriction of ‘No Motor Vehicle Traffic’ within the settlement proper.

Our day begins with morning coffee at Hope Town’s Coffee House.
Hope Town Coffee House is the first Bahamian Roastery and is a popular – and delicious hub for the community – and a supportive member through activities such as support for talented local artists by displaying and helping to sell their art work. Our team enjoys some of the fresh daily baked pastries and aromatic coffee – made from freshly roasted coffee beans right there at The Hope Town Coffee house.

For more on the Hope Town Coffee House you can go online and check out Hope Town Coffee House at:

Afterwards, the HGCTV team is joined by HG Christie Hope Town agents on a tour of the Hummingbird Cottage Art Centre. Humming Bird gallery is a historic and beautiful facility with an impressive display of works of art by world renowned artists and talented local artists like Bridget Boyer-Carey, who conducts one of the monthly workshops. Robbie Bethel, a HG Christie Hope Town Bahamas Real Estate Agent, is also the Curator at the Hummingbird Cottage Art Centre.

For more information about Hummingbird Cottage Art Centre:

For more information…
Call: 242-322-1041

For Bahamas Real Estate information on Abaco and Hope Town

Patricia Love
Abaco – Hope Town
Sales Associate
o: 242.366.0700
c: 242.475.1715

Franklyn Knowles
Abaco – Hope Town
o: 242.366.0700
c: 242.577.0339

Robert (Robbie) Bethel
Abaco – Hope Town
Estate Agent
o: 242.366.0272
c: 242.577.8533

Is Elbow Cay Open For Business

Is Elbow Cay Open For Business, The Inside Story on Hope Town.

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The Inside Story on Hope Town, Explore more complete videos related to Is Elbow Cay Open For Business.

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